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A historical beverage

Would you believe it if I told you that beer is the third most consumed drink in the world? Right up there after water and tea, before both coffee and wine. Beer goes way back and was probably the first alcoholic drink ever to be intentionally produced. The oldest chemical proofs of beer making are almost 6000 years old and were found in the Zargos Mountain of western Iran. Many believe that beer as a beverage is way older than that, up to even 10 000 years old.

In the early days of beer's history, historians believe that the golden beverage served as much moe than just a joyful refreshment. It seems as though beer was used as an important instrument, serving as labour payment as well as nutrition. For example; when the great pyramids were build in Ancient Egypt, some 3800 years ago, beer was given to the workers as payment as well as both nutrition and refreshment. Each labourer earned 4-5 litres of beer per day. Who knows, if it wasn't for beer, perhaps one of the seven great wonders of the world would never have come about.

Beer brewing trend

Most people enjoy a refreshing beer every now and then, but some take their relationship with this golden drink a few steps further. There is a strong trend in recent years in brewing your own beer. Some of these passionate beer lovers travel the world to indulge their senses and explore different types of beer in different parts of the world. Then they gather knowledge, invest in some basic equipment and set out experimenting with the brewing process. Brewing beer is not particularly difficult, but the possibilities to experiment with different flavours, temperatures and other brewing factors to get beer of different alcohol levels, shades and intensity, are many.


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